Why Apple Watch Might Be the Next Big Thing

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People have come to learn to take caution before believing the hype around wearable devices. Look at what happened to Google Glass, and all the Oculus VR/Hololens skeptics and you’ll see what I mean. And here we have smartwatches, which were on the market years before the impending release of Apple Watch. Google Glass didn’t take the world by storm, Samsung’s Gear series sure didn’t, but what makes me an Apple Watch believer? And trust me, I’m not one to line up on the first day to buy the company’s new product every time, even if I had the money.

The first thing that caught my eye during the unveiling of Apple Watch isn’t the customary health tracking, camera or Twitter features you’ve come to expect from its device category; not even the interchangeable straps or faces. It’s the use of both the digital crown and the touchscreen, and how it made me think back when they showed off the original iPhone. Sure, it’s not as simple and natural, but it looks pretty damn close. The user doesn’t swipe for the next page, it’s all there, resembling a sphere of app icons, and the zooming capability of the digital crown makes things more elegant and easy to use. It’s this user experience that’s a trademark of successful Apple devices, and this smartwatch has it, and that’s not including the ever-improving Siri.

The next thing that interested me was the two other types available at launch: Apple Watch Sport and Edition, the latter of which brings me to another trademark of the company’s success stories, the immaculate look and feel, which all three versions have. Clearly, maximizing sales potential (there are hundreds of millions of compatible iPhones) is a priority, as both alternatives offer choices for their respective markets, adding to the fact that the Apple Watch comes in two sizes. The luxury and fitness crowds, the fans, and those riding on the tide of Apple’s massive success guarantee one thing: everything is going into Apple’s favor now, and it’s on the software/hardware polish and app ecosystem to make that dream a reality.


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