A Downward Spiral


Few bands have ever captivated me all these years like Linkin Park. To this day I remember the first time I was instantly hooked to In The End when I was a kid. I marched on, discovering new music from them through YouTube when I was in high school. Then starting with A Thousand Suns, I collected as many of their albums as I could (I still regret having my stone age laptop prevent me from unlocking the Burn It Down teaser), the others being: Meteora (Special Edition), Minutes to Midnight and Living Things. I would’ve bought the Collision Course and Songs From The Underground EPs if they weren’t so pricey, and also Hybrid Theory if it wasn’t so rare these days and The Hunting Party if it didn’t come out so damn late in the Philippines.

After that adolescence stage though, my relationship with Linkin Park all went downhill. Music didn’t influence my emotions as much, and that passion for the medium faded into obscurity. Now I only listen to music occasionally, much less Linkin Park, which accounts for a fraction of that time. In this perspective though, I can see why there were many haters (even if the fans far outnumber them). The quality of music went on a downward spiral since bursting with all guns blazing with the fantastic Hybrid Theory. Meteora was a small step backward, Minutes to Midnight a bigger one, then came A Thousand Suns which was the first time my beloved band underwhelmed for me. Living Things was a similar downgrade between the first two, and The Hunting Party was the final nail in the coffin.

I wish I could care more, but no matter how hard I try, I’ve just…moved on. Maybe it’s true that for every Points of Authority, there’s a Burning in the Skies. Chester, Mike and the rest, get your act together. You were all a great part of my life in my formative years, and I don’t want it to end this way. Find your identity, your true genre. Your 60+ million fans deserve it.


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