Sony Won E3 2015

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Never have I imagined a game announcement would give me goosebumps. That happened TWICE on Sony’s E3 2015 press conference. I was watching a few hours after it ended, oblivious to all the hard-hitting announcements they were expected to make. It all started with The Last Guardian, and even though the sight of maybe a hundred thousand ruffling feathers running in real time on PS4 wasn’t exactly hair-raising, it was completely, undeniably amazing; a fantastic jump-off point to PlayStation’s most important showing of the year.

What followed after that felt like the second of a lightning fast one-two punch from Manny Pacquiao. Horizon: Zero Dawn from what I believe is the Crytek of SCE Worldwide Studios presented an intriguing world that gives a prehistoric twist to the familiar post-apocalyptic environment of today’s games, movies and TV shows. Mechanical dinosaurs, ranging from the small and harmless to the alpha predator, roam the landscape. What’s more surprising is the female lead, which Sony acknowledged felt a bit risky.

The two biggest announcements came from Sony in my opinion, and it was a very close battle. The Final Fantasy VII remake edged out the Shenmue III kickstarter due to the sheer magnitude of gamers who were requesting the title ever since that E3 2005 tech demo. You could almost feel the ground shaking as the thousands in attendance roared in approval. Shenmue III on the other hand, was exceptional in the way you saw how much gamers respected the franchise’s creator. I couldn’t see a single person in the audience who wasn’t standing, smartphone in hand, trying to capture that historic moment in PlayStation. The long-awaited Shenmue III is coming to PlayStation; let that sink in, because it’s already been funded in Kickstarter, and it only took less than half a day.

This year’s E3 was the best in recent years, with Microsoft showing their best lineup in company history (Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Forza 6, etc.), Bethesda showcasing my game of the show Fallout 4, Ubisoft revealing Ghost Recon’s huge open world comeback, and many more. This show’s sheer magnitude of quality showings and announcements is awe-inspiring, and to think Microsoft held back some games for Europe’s Gamescom. Judging by this year’s E3, the future of gaming looks bright indeed.


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