Doom for the New Generation

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An entire extended console generation passed without a Doom release, save for a high-definition remaster of the third iteration. So it’s understandable how gamers loved seeing the series’ iconic chainsaw pulled from a bloody corpse and used to cut enemy demons into two. Does it look good after the nostalgia wears off though?

This reboot blends elements old and new so well that it’s actually my 2nd best game of E3 2015. Both singleplayer and multiplayer look like natural evolutions of the tried and true formula. The best thing is they didn’t cut and paste Call of Duty but appropriately modernized the gameplay without sacrificing what made Doom such a blast so many years ago.

It’s a relief id seems to be back in their game after the disappointing Rage. They’ve managed to keep their graphics chops afloat with id Tech 6. This new vision of Doom looks phenomenal AND old-school, reminding you of the days when weapons weren’t limited to two slots and cover systems weren’t invented yet.

Bethesda has said Doom’s difficulty will be challenging, another deviation from today’s crop of shooters. In the demos shown, enemies big and small swarmed the environments, some even sporting jetpacks. Expect to have a fair fight, because the arsenal feels meaty from a viewer’s standpoint, and ones leaning more on the sci-fi side look appropriately powerful. New elements introduced include added agility, double-jumping and the oh-so-satisfying and over the top executions. I’ve already mentioned the returning chainsaw, but the BFG does too.

But let’s be reminded it was the multiplayer that got people talking about the original long past its release. This time over the top power-ups change the gameplay in ways other shooters can’t. The power-up shown at E3 turns players into one of the enemies they face in singleplayer, letting them use its powerful abilities including the jetpack. And that’s in addition to the gameplay evolutions I’ve already mentioned.

Doom looks to be the perfect reboot, offering old players a nice sense of familiarity while adding enough new features for a whole new generation of gamers. This year’s crop of E3 games is absolutely amazing. You’ve got to see at least some of them. See one of my recent blog posts for more information.


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