Jurassic World Movie Review

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Michael Bay claims his Transformers films are made for the audience. Jurassic World has the same function, but with that old-school sense of wonder sorely lacking in today’s blockbusters. Steven Spielberg may just be an executive producer this time, but you can clearly see his influence in this nostalgic crowd-pleaser, even though cliches and cheesy one-liners get in the way of true greatness.

I can imagine the next film, which is virtually guaranteed at this point, won’t feel as special as this one. It’s been over twenty years since the original, after all. Jurassic World takes all the anticipation and good memories and uses them to great effect. Seeing all these dinosaurs come alive on the big screen still looks amazing, and the childhood fantasy of dinosaur battles feels as epic as ever when fully realized. The humans hold their own as well: Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are two charismatic actors that I hope the filmmakers keep in the inevitable sequel.

Jurassic World is best experienced with your brain turned off. Look past Vincent D’Onofrio’s one-dimensional antagonist and the nothing-special story and you’ll get all your money’s worth. Let the thrill of the ride take over and don’t mind the technical imperfections, just like real thing.

It’s not a perfect film, but judging by entertainment value alone, Jurassic World gets a 9 from me. If you like fun films like Furious 7, then you’ve got to see this one. And even more so if you loved the original. Novices don’t need to worry, as it doesn’t take too much to get into the story. Relax and enjoy this return trip to that wonderful island full of dinosaurs.


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