The Biggest Game Ever Made

They did it. They’ve done the impossible. And not just in a medium everyone loves. Video games, the art form some despise for what they claim as planting the seeds of aggressive behavior in people, was the medium used to create an entire universe that might as well be described as the same size as ours.

Eighteen quintillion planets, to be exact; each potentially populated with wildlife, each composed of different environments and weather systems, all containing materials from the game’s own periodic table. All those I just mentioned? The planets, and everything inside of them, are all created by the computer. Not a single member of the small team of about ten developing the game knows what’s out there outside of the ones they’ve discovered.

No Man’s Sky proves to the world that gaming can inspire awe in ways no other medium can imitate. A person can now explore an entire digital universe, naming planets, solar systems and creatures to their liking. And it would take five billion years to see everything.


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