Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool is a rare case of a major studio taking a bold risk on a superhero property; rarely do you see such many self-deprecating jokes on a comic book movie, as no previous flop goes untouched, nor have we seen an R-rated Marvel adaptation with this big of a marketing push. 20th Century Fox has managed to faithfully translate the spirit of “Marvel Comics’ most unconventional superhero” into film form. Zany, fun and energetic, Deadpool delivers on every level it is expected to with aplomb.

The energy here just never stops, even with the pacing. Deadpool switches between all-action present day to the customary origin story part quite quickly, but even then the latter never quite achieves the dizzying heights of the consistent laughs and well-written fourth wall breaking of the former. Basically, if you’ve watched the trailer, then you’ve already known much of what makes the man behind the suit tick, and even if you didn’t, much of what is presented is predictable fare. Chief among these is the well-acted but cookie-cutter antagonists played by Ed Skrein and Gina Carano.

In fact, it’s not just parts of the cast and story that give a sense of déjà vu; the always-pivotal climax is also a tad predictable but thankfully still enjoyable. Deadpool also has a few slightly uneasy scenes involving children, but they too are saved by the tone and pure enegy. Does he have questionable morals? Yes, but it is over-the-top enough for the audience not to take it too seriously.

Short and sweet, but filled to the brim with exciting action and laughs, you could go much, much worse than a somewhat crazy, murderous antihero if it’s this much fun to watch. Yes, it has its flaws, but it’s so easy to overlook them as they whiz by so quickly, overshadowed by the engaging scenes in between.


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