Current Events, Philippine Politics

The Unsung Hero

He never got what he deserved. Despite exceptional economic growth, a change in image for the country, the much-needed purging of more government posts than ever, and the alleviation of the public school classroom problem, Filipinos always seemed to blame former president Noynoy Aquino for every misstep. And his administration took the brunt of the hate this previous election period.

It’s not like his was exceptional from start to end. He indeed was lacking in action in some spots, and some questionable practices led to the questionable strength of his anti-corruption platform. His inaction, extreme loyalty and mismanagement were easy targets for rival camps and this resulted in increasingly sore spots on his track record. Mar Roxas, his anointed successor, didn’t stand a chance despite being a more seasoned veteran, again prone to missteps. But all these issues were magnified to the point of hyperbole.

These were small to mid-sized problems that didn’t affect the country more than on a local level. They didn’t negate the progress done by his administration. These involved the minority and while I’m not saying they don’t matter, just that our previous president was the subject of scorn on a level he didn’t deserve. No progress or an actually worse condition than before did I hear them say? Look at the facts, on actual trusted sources please. And don’t be blinded by the quantity of negativity; be open to the truth. Those problems aren’t as severe as they tell you, and progress was made during Aquino’s administration. Something tells me his decent trust rating before hinted at a real silent majority.


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