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Abortion, God, Gay Marriage, LGBT and the Church: A Year Later

Nothing much has changed in my views towards these three perpetually-controversial topics since one of my most viewed posts, “A Right to Kill”. They become clearer as time goes on though and my perspective widens.

Abortion and God: When something becomes “human” enough to have rights it doesn’t need to have a working conscience, like in newborns. Is there a difference when the baby is situated inside the mother’s womb? It’s a physical difference. If one could hypothetically put a mother’s small grown son inside her womb, does that give her the authority to kill him?

The concept of a newborn is different than a fetus but it’s superficial at best. Making a difference that small as the reason to give authority to a mother to abort that child is a bit small-minded. When a fetus has human genes, a beating heart, limbs, facial features, the capacity to move and be loved and the like, I can’t think what makes something more human on a general level than that. The working conscience part comes later, and it will come eventually just like newborns.

You also got issues if you think a zygote or a simple pile of flesh is human without knowledge of the Bible. If you know what is written and you believe in God, then you know what is the truth. I could say how science is flawed and much of it isn’t fully-developed or known or close to the ultimate truth that comes after all options are exhausted, but whatever potential is there is still unknown just like God.

All we can do now is trust what we have and that’s also true in the subject of God. The scientists might prove the evidence of Jesus’ existence and all documented miracles as fake and then someone invents a new tool that busts those theories. Or something in the Bible comes up that changes everything. It’s a very deep book. There are life lessons there that transcend beliefs, contradictions at each and every corner, yet taking away from the Word is a sin. And people look at a millennia-old book like it came out in 2016.

Gay Marriage, LGBT and the Church: Just like in the abortion topic, if it’s written in the Word, then it’s in there. God said it, God commanded it at that time. If it doesn’t go against his utmost commandments which I presume take priority, you do it. You can also choose not to but be aware that there might be consequences.

I’ve never read or heard anything that prohibits the LGBT community from being themselves or falling in love aside from having sex. I’m happy for them if I’m right and I feel confident it only says those because no one mentions anything from the Bible that points to the contrary.

For gay marriage, the church acting like an authoritarian figure to their members does the Bible a disservice. Same goes for other issues they raise. For once, act like Jesus would and be patient, understanding and accepting of sinners. He came to divide people, and see what he did with the sinners? They had more good in them than all the pretenders.

Stop dictating what people should do and believe in and start being guides and role models. Open your doors to the people Jesus took with him in heaven. They have no control over gay marriage, but they can offer their own equivalent where the couple prays for God’s guidance and presence in their relationship to avoid whatever is prohibited. But keep the churches open to anyone wanting to confess just like with murderers and corrupt politicians.


One thought on “Abortion, God, Gay Marriage, LGBT and the Church: A Year Later

  1. oh, wow, that last part hit me pretty hard i must say… i’ve been struggling with this stuff for a while- i’m a teenager living in 2016 as a christain, how caqn i not? but your writing really helped clear some things up for me, made me realize how to act without having to buy into it all. really great writing.

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