Falling Into You

Guys! I just found an old writing I made when I was in high school. Lots of memories here. I just imagined how the typical average guy falls in love, what the composition of his psyche looks like. It’s funny that girls always fall for the wrong people when the good guys get no love or just receive less of it. So here it is! Enjoy:

I am the guy in the middle: not short, not tall, either; not stupid, but far from intelligent; not ugly, but no handsome guy; one who has lots to say but falters and forgets at the wrong moment; one who wants to do the noblest, most old-school and genuine of things, but always ends up not doing anything for some stupid reason like anxiety, insecurity, depression and shyness. Adults I’ve met such as Chit dela Torre describe me as mature, but for those of my age, I am as immature as that silent, unsociable high school freshman.

But there’s one aspect I won’t falter in. Once I find myself falling into you, I won’t be the bad boy type who will treat you like dirt, flirt with other girls, seek for a kiss and leave, or go beyond that line. I will accept your insecurities, aspirations and imperfections because for a person scarred like me, you are my counterpart that balances my sorrow with joy. A scarred person like me will listen to your darkest stories and your brightest ones, because I’ve been the happiest and the saddest person in the world before, just like you. I will be your shoulder to lean on, because in times I didn’t have anyone, I learned how being one for others actually makes you stronger.

I will be the one to laugh at your every joke because that’s how much you make me happy. I will make a fool of myself in front of others just to make you feel how I feel about you; because all the embarrassment is washed away when you put your arms around me and my heart stops beating for a second. I will be one to surprise you at the most normal of days because since I met you, every day has felt that much more special.

I won’t chase other girls because I have nothing worth mentioning to them but you. I am not one to be clingy, because I’m just your average Joe, and I understand how you will still look and squeal in joy and talk nonstop about Liam Payne, Zayne Malik and the rest of One Direction, or the hottest guy in school, even if I do everything I can to look good for you. I will still try though, because that nugget of admiration makes me jump deep inside every time. When the rain pours, when our lips touch, I better not melt away because falling into you is something I’ve always dreamt of.


One thought on “Falling Into You

  1. aw, that’s so sweet… As a very- cl0se- to being in high school girl, i must say that if someone said what you wrote down however long that was ago, it’d be one of the best things i’d ever heard
    it’s super cute, and it’s nice writing 🙂

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