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The Cover and Much Better Intro for My New Short Story on Wattpad

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Click here for the full story!

My first short story in 6 years comes in the form of Iris, inspired by the song from Goo Goo Dolls. An unnamed guardian angel watches atop an unseen tower in Los Angeles, peeking into and influencing the lives of its inhabitants through telescopes and a small toy globe. He comes to a realization that LA is a lost cause and pins his legacy on a dying 13-year old named Jiro, knowing that doing so will condemn him into spending the rest of his days as a mere mortal.

Some samples:

“You see, as I peek through each telescope I see, feel and hear what everyone is too, each and every one. Jiro somehow talks to God as though He’s in front of him, and when he tells you, “I’ll always be here” to the one who should be doing it, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing with the time on your hands when you’re all-powerful. I sit back on my reclining seat and fiddle with the tiny globe on my hands. I get furious at all the wrong times. I try to calm myself down. I can’t be angry if I’m the one dangling the carrots in front of every single person in LA. Especially when the most important one dies in a year.”

“A few days have passed. I hold the tiny globe on my hands before peeking at the telescope. It’s English class, but Mr. Caulfield is his usual free-spirited self and goes for another group activity to make plays. Jiro feels his stomach hurt even more as he drinks some water. His mouth is dry and body numb. He stands up along with his group in front. Iris was with them. I spin my globe a bit. Iris is looking down, but she knows Jiro just took a peek at her eyes. They were beautiful, and innocent, maybe even more than his. And they both had white skin like fairies but hers was immaculate. I spin the globe faster, and as they finish, Iris rushes to her seat, but her breath was cut short just the same as Jiro when she passed. I smirk. “…You felt that.”


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