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What I Didn’t Tell Him, a Love Story Set After Iris is Now on Wattpad!

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It took some time before he left my side, reflecting on the past that he never had. Even guardian angels have doubts. But I let Jiro wander off and get lost in LA to enjoy his furlough. There has to be a lot on his mind. That’s why I left the other half of my story for another time. He wouldn’t have died, he would’ve lived a normal life in a cramped apartment with the love of his life. And he’d be happy as well.


“Two twenty-somethings lay on the couch of a small Los Angeles apartment. It was a bit cramped, with boxes stacked on top of one another and belongings scattered about. But two people could fit in easily once they’ve settled in. At least the view of the city allowed for ample time to reflect. Jiro stretched whatever inch of him he could. He had a short-haired, slim-bodied girlfriend, but when she falls into a nap, she does it for hours. Still, not for a second did he stare at the reddening sun, or the streets bustling with tiny toy-looking cars and people in the distance.

His eyes were firmly on the girl sleeping on his chest as the TV played in front of them. Jiro’s lips curled into a smile, there was some drool on the corner of her mouth. If she was awake he’d tease her until they play with each other again like kids. It’s been ten years since he was cured of cancer. His mom never visited him, but he’s way past that stage. He’s happy living in a tiny apartment in the middle of LA and living a normal life for the first time. Some things never change, like his mom, or the chaos in the city. But they will soon.”


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