Wattpad: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Poetry

This poem came up after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a second time (great movie!) and seeing the parallels with my life. Read “Sing to Me” here on Wattpad.




It all comes back to me
Surprising me in that familiar way
Like that old Linkin Park song
The sounds of yesteryear
To this day, I remember every word
Shimmering in the dark
Lighting the way for me
A tool I used in my youth
I remember everything now
As if no time had passed
I’m back in that place
Word by word, piece by piece
I toil away at my desk
Waiting for my inevitable death
I felt it in my skin
But it never came

Same Old

Wordpress Picture 2
And after all these things
My head is spinning
My eyes are tired
But the bombardments don’t stop
They never, all the thoughts and outbursts
Always there, creeping up the cracks
Of a decaying mind and body
My old self is no more
Replaced by a worldly copy
Yet the cracks and bombardments remain
Creeping up
To the wounds on top