Falling Into You

Guys! I just found an old writing I made when I was in high school. Lots of memories here. I just imagined how the typical average guy falls in love, what the composition of his psyche looks like. It’s funny that girls always fall for the wrong people when the good guys get no love or just receive less of it. So here it is! Enjoy:

I am the guy in the middle: not short, not tall, either; not stupid, but far from intelligent; not ugly, but no handsome guy; one who has lots to say but falters and forgets at the wrong moment; one who wants to do the noblest, most old-school and genuine of things, but always ends up not doing anything for some stupid reason like anxiety, insecurity, depression and shyness. Adults I’ve met such as Chit dela Torre describe me as mature, but for those of my age, I am as immature as that silent, unsociable high school freshman.

But there’s one aspect I won’t falter in. Once I find myself falling into you, I won’t be the bad boy type who will treat you like dirt, flirt with other girls, seek for a kiss and leave, or go beyond that line. I will accept your insecurities, aspirations and imperfections because for a person scarred like me, you are my counterpart that balances my sorrow with joy. A scarred person like me will listen to your darkest stories and your brightest ones, because I’ve been the happiest and the saddest person in the world before, just like you. I will be your shoulder to lean on, because in times I didn’t have anyone, I learned how being one for others actually makes you stronger.

I will be the one to laugh at your every joke because that’s how much you make me happy. I will make a fool of myself in front of others just to make you feel how I feel about you; because all the embarrassment is washed away when you put your arms around me and my heart stops beating for a second. I will be one to surprise you at the most normal of days because since I met you, every day has felt that much more special.

I won’t chase other girls because I have nothing worth mentioning to them but you. I am not one to be clingy, because I’m just your average Joe, and I understand how you will still look and squeal in joy and talk nonstop about Liam Payne, Zayne Malik and the rest of One Direction, or the hottest guy in school, even if I do everything I can to look good for you. I will still try though, because that nugget of admiration makes me jump deep inside every time. When the rain pours, when our lips touch, I better not melt away because falling into you is something I’ve always dreamt of.

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“Iris” a Short Story Inspired by the Goo Goo Dolls Song is Out on Wattpad!

My first short story in 6 years comes in the form of Iris, inspired by the song from Goo Goo Dolls. An unnamed guardian angel watches atop an unseen tower in Los Angeles, peeking into and influencing the lives of its inhabitants through telescopes and a small toy globe. He comes to a realization that LA is a lost cause and pins his legacy on a young teenager named Jiro, knowing that doing so will condemn him into spending the rest of his days as a mere mortal.

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Warcraft Movie Review

“Step in” the Guardian of Azeroth said. Somehow I felt like he was talking to the audience. Warcraft transports us to the most beautiful fantasy world I’ve seen in films in years. It may lack the complexity of Middle-Earth, but the focused introduction of this world made it sink in so smoothly. It’s like we entered the portal where the orcs are threatening to pour in.

And then there’s the painfully boring human side of the fence where clichés pile up on top of each other wherever they’re present. It’s not like the orcs are devoid of them (family themes, cough), but things start to feel annoying when everyone’s poking into anything that has a hole in it or that looks like cosplay equipment.

The jokes whiz by like the heavily edited pace, one after the other until they feel annoying too. Warcraft is filled with flaws that are hard to forgive because they happen so often. Even the characters themselves are of cookie-cutter fare. Yet it doesn’t stop there. Characters change allegiances without much buildup, resulting in more scratching of heads than the number of redeeming qualities in the film.

When things go the way they should be though, be ready to stare in awe. Warcraft feels like the next Avatar when it comes to technology. The CGI is undoubtedly one of the best in history, and the action is visceral and hard-hitting. There is an intensity to every blow, every charge and every shout that compels the audience to survive every groan-inducing valley to witness in awe the next peak.

This should’ve been another terrible film still, even with the moments of wonder included. Thankfully the impact of every bad scene is lessened by the quick but overdone editing and light tone (prepare for the cringe, though). It doesn’t take itself seriously, not only in jokes but the look itself. This is a film based on a video game, you can hear the filmmakers scream on top of the castles, raising to the skies their fake props and b-movie level actors.

I honestly got blinded by the crew’s track record of blockbuster hits and critical darlings that I hoped this would be the X-Men moment of video game movies. The reality is we’ll have to wait a bit longer (Angry Birds arrived with muted impact) for Assassin’s Creed, fingers crossed.

This is miles away from the likes of the film I mentioned, early proof that comic book adaptations were viable. Keep your heads up, gamers, but do realize the scars of Warcraft will remain forever in our hearts. Shame on you, Charles Roven, Thomas Tull, Duncan Jones and company. You almost did it, you almost did.

Social Issues

Abortion, God, Gay Marriage, LGBT and the Church: A Year Later

Nothing much has changed in my views towards these three perpetually-controversial topics since one of my most viewed posts, “A Right to Kill”. They become clearer as time goes on though and my perspective widens.

Abortion and God: When something becomes “human” enough to have rights it doesn’t need to have a working conscience, like in newborns. Is there a difference when the baby is situated inside the mother’s womb? It’s a physical difference. If one could hypothetically put a mother’s small grown son inside her womb, does that give her the authority to kill him?

The concept of a newborn is different than a fetus but it’s superficial at best. Making a difference that small as the reason to give authority to a mother to abort that child is a bit small-minded. When a fetus has human genes, a beating heart, limbs, facial features, the capacity to move and be loved and the like, I can’t think what makes something more human on a general level than that. The working conscience part comes later, and it will come eventually just like newborns.

You also got issues if you think a zygote or a simple pile of flesh is human without knowledge of the Bible. If you know what is written and you believe in God, then you know what is the truth. I could say how science is flawed and much of it isn’t fully-developed or known or close to the ultimate truth that comes after all options are exhausted, but whatever potential is there is still unknown just like God.

All we can do now is trust what we have and that’s also true in the subject of God. The scientists might prove the evidence of Jesus’ existence and all documented miracles as fake and then someone invents a new tool that busts those theories. Or something in the Bible comes up that changes everything. It’s a very deep book. There are life lessons there that transcend beliefs, contradictions at each and every corner, yet taking away from the Word is a sin. And people look at a millennia-old book like it came out in 2016.

Gay Marriage, LGBT and the Church: Just like in the abortion topic, if it’s written in the Word, then it’s in there. God said it, God commanded it at that time. If it doesn’t go against his utmost commandments which I presume take priority, you do it. You can also choose not to but be aware that there might be consequences.

I’ve never read or heard anything that prohibits the LGBT community from being themselves or falling in love aside from having sex. I’m happy for them if I’m right and I feel confident it only says those because no one mentions anything from the Bible that points to the contrary.

For gay marriage, the church acting like an authoritarian figure to their members does the Bible a disservice. Same goes for other issues they raise. For once, act like Jesus would and be patient, understanding and accepting of sinners. He came to divide people, and see what he did with the sinners? They had more good in them than all the pretenders.

Stop dictating what people should do and believe in and start being guides and role models. Open your doors to the people Jesus took with him in heaven. They have no control over gay marriage, but they can offer their own equivalent where the couple prays for God’s guidance and presence in their relationship to avoid whatever is prohibited. But keep the churches open to anyone wanting to confess just like with murderers and corrupt politicians.

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The Unsung Hero

He never got what he deserved. Despite exceptional economic growth, a change in image for the country, the much-needed purging of more government posts than ever, and the alleviation of the public school classroom problem, Filipinos always seemed to blame former president Noynoy Aquino for every misstep. And his administration took the brunt of the hate this previous election period.

It’s not like his was exceptional from start to end. He indeed was lacking in action in some spots, and some questionable practices led to the questionable strength of his anti-corruption platform. His inaction, extreme loyalty and mismanagement were easy targets for rival camps and this resulted in increasingly sore spots on his track record. Mar Roxas, his anointed successor, didn’t stand a chance despite being a more seasoned veteran, again prone to missteps. But all these issues were magnified to the point of hyperbole.

These were small to mid-sized problems that didn’t affect the country more than on a local level. They didn’t negate the progress done by his administration. These involved the minority and while I’m not saying they don’t matter, just that our previous president was the subject of scorn on a level he didn’t deserve. No progress or an actually worse condition than before did I hear them say? Look at the facts, on actual trusted sources please. And don’t be blinded by the quantity of negativity; be open to the truth. Those problems aren’t as severe as they tell you, and progress was made during Aquino’s administration. Something tells me his decent trust rating before hinted at a real silent majority.

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We Were Wrong, Part 2

The hype was palpable for Bongbong Marcos with the pre-election surveys. He’d been leading by a good margin when Leni Robredo started catching up. That was before the Iglesia ni Cristo and El Shaddai endorsed him, and even if they didn’t I doubt he’d lose that many votes. The fight’s been close between him and Leni, with both having huge, insurmountable leads atop the other four candidates. It’s shocking to believe how quickly Filipinos give in to propaganda, expertly-written words and false ideals.

Bongbong Marcos isn’t Ferdinand Marcos. They share the same genes and the political pressure that comes with being his father’s son might influence his performance, but that doesn’t mean he’ll have things done at the same level. It’s not one-to-one unlike the reason everybody says why they voted for him. As I said in Part 1, it is among the murkiest of propositions in the past elections.

All those projects made, structures built and such? People forgot the tons of money stolen from public funds. How about you subtract that from the “progress” made by Bongbong’s father? And the many innocent people whom you can’t put a price tag on who suffered or died because of him. People were focusing on a small part of Marcos’ reign and not the full picture.

If you were willing to vote for Marcos, you accept that in the process of him becoming president in the future, many innocents will die for nothing, and you’ll be part of the blame. All that in exchange for “progress” negated by the billions of stolen funds. Billions that belong to feeding the poor, generating jobs for them and ensuring their kids’ futures. Not to mension the noninclusive benefits of the “progress” you speak so highly of. The Philippines never recovered from poverty during Ferdinand Marcos’ reign.

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Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

By now there must be close to ten billion dollars of revenue for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. These films feel like watching action figures of your favorite comic book characters duke it out. Disney could’ve kept the same ball rolling, played the same tricks over and over again and people would turn up in droves just the same. But they chose to raise the bar once again.

Captain America: Civil War shares part of the qualities that made up the disappointing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They raise issues that are relevant, they have dark moments and the action is unrelenting. But where BvS sputtered to the finish line, Marvel handles with the poise of a veteran. It’s like Ra’s al Ghul’s battle with Bruce Wayne on top of a frozen lake in Batman Begins. Rarely do politics and family issues go in the way of having fun. And while fun remains top priority here, Marvel manages to stimulate the mind just as things go boom.

Nor does the action extravaganza feel overbearing. Civil War manages to outdo many of its contemporaries by focusing on a streamlined story as much as the battles. There is no godlike being that unites the two sides in the end. In Civil War, the bad guy wins, and there is no happy ending. The MCU is forever changed and it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Characters take center stage in a refreshing twist, turning newcomers Black Panther and Spider-Man into powerful scene-stealers that will likely be among the lead stars of the next phase of this universe. From Tony Stark to Hawkeye, every gear has a role in the machine, and the main two are still played by their actors as if they were made for them.

If the plan still is to keep stepping up their game then Feige has a lot to live up to starting in 2018 with Avengers: Infinity War, which has the same writers and directors, with him returning as the sole producer. Being the real-life Thanos ain’t no problem if the ball’s been rolling forever and creative risks are still being made. In Feige we trust.